Pequepon Magical Blocks


A fun and beautiful remake of Sokoban


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Pequepon Magical Blocks is a remake of Nintendo's classic Sokoban. In it your mission consists of guiding the adorable Pequepon through nine different worlds where your sole aim is rescuing the little pequepons who've been kidnapped by an evil witch.

Each of the worlds has 10 different levels, giving you a total of 90 stages where you have to push tons of boxes in order to open up a path. That said, you always have to move carefully and not block your path, since it's very probable that you'll do this on accident if you're not careful.

As you advance through the game the difficulty will increase. Luckily, the game gives you a series of presents every five levels to skip any stage where you're particularly stuck. Also, since some levels may last a long time, you can save the game in the middle and return to it later on.

Graphically, Pequepon Magical Blocks is really adorable. The character and level designs are colorful and the pixelated style will delight lovers of all things retro.

Pequepon Magical Blocks is a very entertaining puzzle game to test the intelligence and ability of anyone who dares to play the game and dedicate enough time to get to the most complex parts.

You can only play the first five levels in the demo.

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